All Events Tent Service (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd is one of the specialists of clear span tents,marquee,Party tents and dome tents. Our product range includes; pagodas, event tents, large tents, polygon sports halls, storage tents, dome tents and industrial buildings suitable for a variety of applications.

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Flexible implementation possibilities

Whether storage, assembly, sales, or the presentation of your products - our cost effective Aluflex temporary buildings and storage marquees are particularly well-suited as a fast and temporary space solution. The storage construction consists of an aluminium frame and is available with different roof and wall cladding, uninsulated or with thermal insulation.

Fast assembly

All our storage halls can be erected without foundation and erected on existing asphalt or ballasted surfaces, in addition they can be extended at anytime, completely transferred to a different location.

Different versions

High-quality and robust cladding of high density fabric

Uninsulated temporary building with tarpaulin roof and trapezoidal steel sheet walls

Fully insulated temporary building with sandwich panel roof and wall cladding

Attractive sales or rental conditions


Technical data

Span: 3.00m - 50.00m, in modular spacing of 2.50m or 5m

Length: As desired in modular spacing of 2.50 m or 5m

Side height: 3.50m - 8m (depending on the span)

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